Bluffton Chevrolet Used Cars? Try Kelley Chevrolet in Fort Wayne

Get a Great Deal on a Used Car at Kelley Chevrolet!

Bluffton Chevrolet - 2014 Chevrolet Cruze Clean Turbo 1SL

If you're a Bluffton driver looking for the right used car at the right price, your search begins and ends with us! At Kelley Chevrolet, we're packed with a full fleet of dependable used vehicles at very competitive prices. Because our technicians thoroughly test and inspect all our used cars before we put them up for sale, you can count on the fact that you won't be getting a lemon.

Head to our website and check out our full used inventory from the comfort of your home. You can also visit us anytime in person and let our sales representatives help you find the right used car for your needs.

Take a Quick Drive Over to Kelley Chevrolet!

Join us at Kelley Chevrolet today! We are located at 5220 Value Drive in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Bluffton Chevrolet Used Cars? Come to Kelley Chevrolet in Fort Wayne

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